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We explain how to harness the power of compound interest

At Reental, we have an exciting opportunity to multiply your investments and harness the power of compound interest. If you're ready to grow your funds, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Access the Reental platform
To begin, log in to the Reental platform with your username and password.

Step 2: Connect your Wallet in Metamask
Make sure to connect your wallet in Metamask, where you will receive your monthly dividends.

Step 3: Select the Property to Invest
On the platform, choose the available property in the portfolio you want to invest in and click on "Buy Tokens".

Step 4: Choose the "Reinvest" Option
Within the purchase window, select the "Reinvest" option. Here you can choose the amount you want to invest, keeping in mind that the minimum is 10 USDT. Remember to send your monthly returns to the VAULT
Step 5: Complete the Transaction
Finally, click on "Buy" to confirm your investment. Make sure you have enough MATIC in your wallet to complete the transaction. Done! Now you're leveraging compound interest to grow your investments in Reental. Remember that reinvesting your earnings will allow you to earn more over time. We've provided the video tutorial below to guide you through the process smoothly. Watch Video Tutorial.
Example of Growth with Compound Interest

Let's look at a specific example: if you invest €30,000 in one of our properties now, you would receive approximately €2,943 in dividends annually. In 4 years, your investment would generate an estimated profit of €11,772, in addition to the capital gain generated from selling the property, which would be approximately €1,461. But here's where the magic of compound interest comes into play. If you reinvest your earnings, you'll add an additional €2,573 to the return over those 4 years. This is equivalent to earning an additional year of operation completely for free. This way, your annual percentage gain will increase from approximately 10% to an impressive 12%.

Important: Activate the Vault

Remember to keep the Vault activated to make the most of your investments in Reental. If you haven't activated it yet, follow the steps detailed in this video tutorial: Watch Video Tutorial.