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How to create a wallet with Metamask

Follow these simple steps

In the traditional economy, you can keep your money under your mattress or in a bank, which is where we usually make an account to be able to store, send or receive money. In the crypto world, what you keep are not euros or dollars, but bitcoin, ether, token tokens that represent any asset... and these are stored in a wallet or wallet.

Just as in a bank account you can't keep euros and dollars in the same account, in a wallet you can't store tokens from different blockchains: we have wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and many other networks. It's really not entirely true, because there are already wallets that allow the opposite, but always using a “wallet of wallets”; that is, even if you manage a single wallet, you actually have different “folders” where you can store the wallets of the different blockchains.

But let's not stray. In our case, we work with Polygon (MATIC), and Reental's tokens - like many others on the network - are based on their ERC-20 standard; therefore, we will create a wallet on this network and from here we can invest, store our tokens, and receive the corresponding dividends from the projects in which we participate.

There are numerous options, although we recommend you Metamask: it has a very simple interface and is the most extensive, besides obviously being free.


How to install Metamask in my browser.

You'll see that it's very easy. You can install it on your phone or in your browser (Chrome, Firefox and Brave). In the following video, we explain how to do it.


As you can see, the process itself guides you step by step, isn't it simple?

Install it in 2 minutes and open your doors wide open to a new, more open world of finance, accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

With your new wallet you will be able to invest, store the tokens yourself without anyone having access and receive monthly dividends from Reental.

You can then connect to any Polygon, BSC or Ethereum decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, which is representing a paradigm shift and is no longer the future, but the present; we are moving towards a democratization of financial products such as loans, insurance, derivatives, options, deposits... and many others, for which you no longer need a bank or a feasibility study or bureaucracy.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to the Reental community!