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Get to know Reental

What does Reental provide?

Reental facilitates investment in the Spanish and American real estate sector. Our mission is to give you access to invest in real estate opportunities selected by our team of professionals, who offer an efficient asset with the best risk/return ratio. The investor will obtain the benefits in the form of returns from the operation of the property in which he invests through a tokenized equity loan (Spain) or the tokenization of the shares of a company that owns the property (USA). The digitization of loans and shares in the form of a token offers unique advantages.

Who can invest with Reental?

Reental allows citizens from a large part of the planet to invest in the real estate sector quickly, easily and safely. Any adult user can register and invest after passing the KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Money Laundering) process. In the case of citizens resident for tax purposes in the United States, they are required to be an accredited investor.

What is the investment process like? How long does it take?

It's very fast and simple, it can take you a few minutes and 3 simple steps: Register and carry out the identity and KYC/AML validation process.Select the tokens you want and make the purchase from your wallet.Sign the Investment Agreement.

How does Reental work legally? Is it legal?

Reental meets all the legal requirements required in Spain by the CNMV (National Securities Market Commission) and in the US by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). Due to the regulations of each country, two tokenization models are followed depending on the company issuing the token. In Spain, Reental tokenizes a participatory loan for real estate, which is offered to investors through an STO (Security Token Offering). In the case of the United States, Reental creates a specific company (LLC) for each of the properties, and the shares of that company, the direct owner of the property, are tokenized.

Before investing in Reental

What is a participatory loan?

Participatory lending is a financial instrument, which is an intermediate formula between share capital and loan. One of its main characteristics is that its remuneration is conditioned on the evolution of the results of the lending company. In this way, Reental tokenizes a participatory loan associated with the income generated by a property. The investor (token holder) will receive an interest that will be determined based on the evolution of the operation of the property.

What is a token? What about tokenization?

A token is the digital representation of an asset on a Blockchain. Tokenization is the act of digitizing an asset in such a way that the token captures and represents the value of that asset and is recorded on the Blockchain.

What are the benefits of tokenization?

Having a digitized asset has many advantages, including: Easy transfer in seconds and at a low cost.Easy storage.Fractionalization of the value of the asset. These advantages allow you to access global capital, provide greater liquidity to the market and make transactions very fast and cheap.

What Blockchain does Reental use?

Reental uses the Polygon network in such a way that while in the non-digital world, deeds represent ownership of a property, in Polygon, a token displayed on the network can represent ownership of the property or an associated product, in our case it represents the exploitation rights to it and the capital gains generated in its subsequent sale.

Who is responsible for the rentals, renovation and maintenance of buildings?

Reental works like a real estate fund or a SOCIMI in this regard, that is, it is responsible for managing properties from start to finish. As we grow in different cities and in different countries, we do so through City managers and collaborators who are responsible for the entire process in each city. In any case, the investor should never take care of anything.

I want to invest in Reental

How do I register?

It's very simple. Access our website and click on “Register now” and then we will guide you through the process. You will need to attach a copy of your document and validate your identity, as well as proof of residence.

What is the minimum and maximum I can invest?

We divide the properties into tokens worth approximately 100 euros/dollars. The minimum investment is 1 token = 100 euros/dollars up to the maximum allowed by each property.

What opportunities are presented on the platform?

Our team selects the best opportunities in the market. We offer properties with a very high purchase/rental price balance, so that annual returns are greater than 10%. In addition, since they are properties that we renovate and put into operation, they benefit from a revaluation of more than 15% in a subsequent sale.

Is it necessary for a property to be sold at 100%?

Yes, once the property has been 100% financed, Reental is responsible for putting it into operation in the shortest possible time so that it starts earning income corresponding to the rent as soon as possible. These returns are distributed in USDT and you have the possibility to claim or reinvest them. In each project, the expected time for the start-up of the asset is specified.

Can I sell my token?

Yes. Direct sale to a third party (provided that you are accredited on our platform).

Can I use any wallet with Reental?

Yes, as long as it is supported by our app and you have validated it with us. You can use: Metamask, TrustWallet, MathWallet, TokenPocket, WalletConnect.

How do we pay yields/dividends?

You can choose, or claim your monthly returns through the web and receive them in your wallet or reinvest it in other opportunities in order to achieve greater returns thanks to compound interest. Interest is generated in USDT, a stablecoin equivalent to one dollar. This way we avoid the fluctuations of other cryptocurrencies and obtain their full returns.

How to declare the income received?

If you live in Spain, the returns you receive already have a 19% withholding applied according to the regulations. These amounts will appear in the tax data reported by the Tax Agency every year in the so-called “income drafts”. For more information do click here.

Other frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the RNT and a real estate token?

Our RNT is a Utility Token, which means that it is a utility or usability token within our system. The purpose of the RNT is to offer its owners advantages when it comes to investing and using Reental features, such as access to exclusive products, training and events, creating an even more powerful community. Another purpose of the token is to capture the value of the company and to involve the investor in the growth of Reental.