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What is RNT Token?

RNT is a token designed for our community, through which we aim to provide new utilities within our platform to our users. As it is a utility token, it is not linked to the real estate investment business, which will continue to be conducted through the issuance of security tokens linked to each investment project.

Token Features

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DeFi allows you to interact with the RNT token in a way that can yield higher returns on our real estate investments, while also gaining access to new decentralized financial products.


The RNT token enables increased interactions between the community and the company, enhancing user privileges and access to specific services, with a higher token exposure. At Reental, everyone wins.

Real Estate

If the key to the business is the quality of real estate products in terms of profitability, RNT holders will have early access to the best assets, with some being exclusive to them.

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Can you imagine being able to stay in one of our properties in Tulum just because you're a RNT investor?

The RNT, powered by blockchain technology, effectively addresses several limitations inherent to the traditional real estate market.
This is broken down into three key areas:


The RNT token enables democratic access to real estate investment, creating opportunities for retail investors and diversifying and expanding the playing field. Investment should be a right, not a privilege.

Efficient Investment

The use of blockchain technology simplifies and streamlines the investment process, overcoming geographic barriers, reducing costs, and improving returns. Furthermore, it enhances real estate market liquidity by expediting transactions. Technology at the service of your capital.

Exclusive Community

The RNT token empowers its holders by granting them voting rights in strategic decisions and provides an exclusive user experience through access to the Reental Club, a space for special benefits and advantages for loyal users.

Reental is constantly working on designing new features to enhance the user experience and access to real estate investment opportunities.

What are the advantages of being an investor in RNT?

Our Reental Club, exclusive for RNT investors, offers raffles, discounts on a wide range of products, and new features that we will discover soon on the platform.

Benefits of the Reental Club

Joining Reental Club provides access to exclusive investments and a voice in the project's strategy.

Road map


Token a $ 0.05
Private Sale Launch: 20.000.000 tokens
1.000.000 USD
24 vesting

Jul - Oct

Token a $ 0.075
Presale Phase 1: 40.000.000 tokens
3.000.000 USD
12 vesting

Nov - Mar

Token a $ 0.10
Presale Phase 2: 60.000.000 tokens
6.000.000 USD
9 vesting

Abr - May

Token a $ 0.125
Presale Phase 3: 12.000.000 tokens
1.500.000 USD
6 vesting


Token a $ 0.15
5.000.000 tokens


Token a $ 0.175
Public Sale and Token Listing on Exchange and AMM


Everything you need to know about the RNT Token.
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When is the token launching?
The RNT launch will be in October 2023.
What will be the starting price?
The starting price will be 0,175$
What is a utility token?
A utility token is a type of token characterized by its fungibility. They are the primary mechanism for representing rights in the new digital and decentralized economy.
What is it used for?
RNT Utilities:
+ Increase the liquidity of pools associated with real estate properties in a pool that encompasses different properties.
+ Empower community members by offering incentives to help enhance and expand platform functionalities.
+ Provide access to priority sales and exclusive products.
+ Benefit from services and discounts offered by third parties based on various partnership agreements.
+ Preferences for accommodation in tourist apartments, colivings, hotels, coworking spaces owned by Reental.
+ Facilitate the collateralization of security tokens associated with real estate properties.
+ Reentels Club: A club with numerous perks that benefit our token holders through discounts with our providers or partners.
Where are utility tokens stored?
Utility tokens (RNT) are stored in your wallet.
After the launch, where is the token listed?
The token will be listed on Sushiswap and the Reental Dapp.
Can I sell it at any time?
You will be able to sell your assets at any time; however, please note that you may not be able to fully access them until the acquisition period is completed.

On which network will the token be listed?
The RNT will be listed on Polygon.
What are tokenomics?
Tokenomics is the study and design of the economic aspects of a token, which includes its creation, distribution, valuation, and use within the network.
What does vesting mean? How will the tokens from the private sale phases be released?
Vesting is a locking of tokens for a specified period. In our case, these tokens are released (made available for use) as each block is mined.

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