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Reental is much more than real estate investment. Benefit from exclusive advantages and discounts for being part of this club

What is Reental Club?

Looking towards the horizon, Reental is pleased to introduce one of its most ambitious initiatives: Reental Club. Conceived as an exclusive space, this club aims to bring together investors and enthusiasts from the real estate world under one roof, all motivated by Reental's vision and mission. By being part of the Reental Club, members will not only have access to investment opportunities that are not available to the general public, but they will also have a seat at the decision-making table, influencing the strategic direction of the project.

How to access the benefits of Reental Club?

There are two ways:

With just one click, you can instantly become SuperReentel or ReentelPro. Get your status and automatically access all benefits with a single transfer payment.

Accumulating RNTs and keeping them staked. You can buy RNTs in our dapp or get them with your actions on the platform.

What benefits do you get with your statuses?




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Real Estate Investment
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Protocol Functionality Usage
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Reental Club Benefits
Reentel Pro Reental


+8.000 xRNT

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Reentels Benefits
Real Estate Benefits:
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Access to Real Estate projects after Super Reentels
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Access to private Real Estate
Rental Club benefits:
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Discounts on stays
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Discount on events
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Discount on training
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Partner discounts
Protocol Benefits:
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Fees Protocol
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Benefits with our Partners and Collaborators

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