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“Reental simplifies my investment”

March 16, 2024
Andrea is a great adventurer who left her home in Argentina at the age of 18, with just a backpack, in search of her destiny and became a great businesswoman and investor thanks to following her intuition to know how to read every situation well. She learned to work hard when the time was right and today she knows that thanks to that work she can enjoy her time however she wants.

“Train, research and test”

March 30th, 2024
José María López, born in Sabadell and a business productivity consultant, and a technical architect by training. Faced with significant personal challenges, he chose to make a radical change in his professional career. This attitude to life demonstrates a willingness to face challenges, adapt to changing circumstances, and actively seek improvements in your life and career.

“Compound interest is one of the best that has ever been invented”

March 9th, 2024
Javier Arroyo, with a degree in physical activity and sports sciences, and passionate about technology, does well in networks, blockchain and has training in web3. He tells us what struck him most about Reental and why he decided not only to invest but to be an active member of the Reentels community.

“My goal was not to have my money stopped”

February 24, 2024
Álvaro Muñoz, aged 33 and a professional basketball player, tells us why it was very important for him to discover Reental in order to have his money working for him. Here you have his full interview where he also reveals his favorite film and what color he would wear if he could only choose one.

“For me, the feeling was always one of trust.”

February 17, 2024
Julio García considers himself a financial freak. From a very young age, he has been interested in the world of investments and although he is not professionally dedicated to them, he has a great track record, having tried most of the forms of investment that exist, with his successes and failures, he makes Julio a great candidate to judge and compare his experience investing in Reental with other models.

“It's a very good company to start investing in.”

February 3, 2024
Vanesa is an SME consultant with international experience who also invests in several sectors, including traditional real estate and Real Estate. His track record shows his ability to learn and adapt. Although she could manage her investments personally, she chooses Reental to balance her life as a mother.