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We are a team of trained and passionate professionals who share a common mission: to democratize tokenized real estate investments. Get to know us!

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Reental emerged in 2020 as a solution to the problem posed by real estate investment for the majority of people, aiming to offer transparency, security, accessibility, and simplicity to anyone interested in real estate. Its proposal focuses on the tokenization of real estate investment projects, enabling fractional ownership and facilitating the participation of small investors from around the world. Additionally, it introduces distinctive features and profitability improvements using tools such as decentralized finance, AI, liquidity through secondary markets and collateralizations, its own token (RNT), and much more.


At Reental, our mission is to help people achieve financial freedom by maximizing their investments through real estate tokenization. We are committed to providing a secure and efficient system that breaks down barriers, allowing investors of all sizes to participate in real estate opportunities. Through decentralized governance, we empower our community to make key decisions, thus transforming the real estate transaction experience. We are more than a platform; we are architects of change in real estate, offering a bold and tangible vision of an accessible and democratic market.


We envision ourselves as the global leader in real estate asset tokenization, spanning across different countries and verticals. We aspire to be globally recognized for our innovation and contribution to market democratization. We visualize an ecosystem where property tokenization is the norm, allowing investors of all levels to own real fractions of properties within a liquidity-rich environment where various products can be transacted, all with the same purpose: to offer simple and profitable financial products based on real estate investment.

We introduce you to the members of our team

Miguel Caballero
Token & Product
Legal & Real Estate
Adrian Paloma
Head of Finance
Cristina Romero
Communication &
Lorena Moreno
Carlos Pascual
Customer Success
Business Developer
Liza Matikova
Marketing & Design
Tamara Martinez
Webflow Dev &
Product Designer
Flora Otaño
UX UI Designer
Andres Glennen
Area Manager
Guillermo Perez
Community Manager
Victor Merino
Crypto Developer
Guillermo Perez
Crypto Developer