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In a year marked by exceptional growth, Reental has proven to be an undisputed leader in real estate tokenization. That's why We leave you our summary of 2023 with figures to explore the company's key achievements, as well as the challenges it faces in its quest for innovation and expansion.

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Tokenization Intl

Reental's first notable achievement in 2023 was the successful tokenization of properties in 4 countries: Spain, Mexico, United States and Rep. Dominican. This strategic move not only consolidates its leadership in Spain, but it also broadens Reental's geographical presence, demonstrating its ability to operate in different markets. Real estate tokenization has become a fundamental pillar for the company, offering investors access to global opportunities with a local focus.

The second achievement was the 228% increase in tokenized capital Reaching 20 million euros is not only an indicator of financial success, but also of the trust placed by investors in the Reental platform.

New Investment Projects

The success in closing 11 projects with an average annual return of 13.02% In the investment opportunities offered by Rental in 2023 and, without a doubt, A success. Demonstrates the ability to effectively manage investments and to be able to continue to increase offers to its investors

Miami & Mexico

The funding of the Building number 50 in Miami consolidated Reental's position as an important player in the US real estate market. This achievement not only represents a numerical milestone, but it also reflects the continued confidence of investors in projects supported by Reental.

Reental presented investment opportunities in attractive destinations such as Tulum, San Miguel de Allende, Chetumal and Punta Cana. One of Reental's most ambitious projects was Real Estate Tokenization of Urban Development in Chetumal, Mexico.

The Community as a Driving Force

The community of more than 13,000 users from 73 countries reflects the diversity of investors who trust Reental. This aspect not only enriches the platform, but also strengthens the company's global network. In Another Aspect, Its Large collaborations such as MDOS-Capital, ClerHP, are strategic movements that support Reental's exponential growth

Reental It has been Recognized Like one of the 50 most innovative companies according to the magazine Entrepreneurs. He won the first Investor's Night of the 11th edition of the Block World Tour held in Andorra, as well as the pitch competition at the “AI, Web3 & Real Estate Summit” event held in Miami.

Innovation and Pioneering

El Launch of the RNT, the Rentals' Utility Token, marked another key milestone. This token not only serves as a financial instrument, but also offers significant benefits in the Rental ecosystem. The early introduction of the”Human Wallet“seeks to make the platform more accessible, anticipating a future where everyone can participate in the world of real estate tokenization.

Its versatility and purpose beyond real estate investment have made it a distinctive element in the token market.

Conclusions: Rental as Leader in 2024

Reental has ambitious goals for 2024, from increasing tokenized capital to improvements in the functionality of its application. Rental achieved an outstanding year in 2023, consolidating its position as a leader in real estate tokenization, demonstrated by the following points:

Tokenized capital grew by 228%, exceeding 20 million euros in 2023
International expansion in 4 different countries: Spain, Mexico, the United States and the Dominican Republic
Increased their investors by 58%, offering them an average annual return of 13%

However, continuous innovation, external recognition and global expansion as objectives keep Rental redefining the narrative of the tokenized real estate market.

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