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In this comparison, we will highlight the innovative company Reental and compare it with Civislend to provide you with an informed perspective in your search for the ideal platform.

Reental innovation and diversity in Real Estate Investments

Reental presents itself as a revolutionary proposal in the competitive real estate sector Why consider Reental over Civislend? Here are some compelling reasons for you:

1. Focus on Passive Dividend Generation: Reental stands out by focusing on generating passive income through rentals, providing investors with a unique opportunity to earn recurring income. This specific orientation towards long-term profitability through rentals makes a significant difference.

2. Tokenization: This functionality not only provides transparency and liquidity to investments, but it also allows investors to acquire shares in a more accessible way, opening doors to everyone in a simple and fast way.

3. Wide Diversification with Minimum Investment: Reental makes it possible to diversify the real estate portfolio with a minimum investment of just 100 euros per transaction. The breadth of not only its Spanish portfolio, but also its large base in America, offers investors the opportunity to diversify without committing large sums of money.

4. Quality Management Team: With a solid management team and a clear focus on the future, Reental presents itself as a platform backed by experienced professionals. The vision of becoming a reference both nationally and internationally highlights its long-term commitment to investors.


Civislend careful selection of Assets

Civislend, authorized by the CNMV since 2017, stands out for its careful selection of assets and attention to investors. Share the philosophy with Reental Skin-in-the-Game, demonstrating an active commitment on the part of the management team.

But its strengths that highlight it in the crowdfunding sector are that it has a fast and intuitive registration process, facilitating the way in which a new customer can access their projects.

Another point in favor of Civislend is the funding method they offer. Once your registration on the platform has been validated, they use several companies providing excellent support so that you can quickly, through a transfer or any credit card at no cost to the investor, be ready to face your journey in the investments they propose.

An unfavorable point that we see in this platform is its commission method. Although it doesn't charge for opening or maintaining an account, it does charge on the balance of our investment in loan portfolio management. We're talking about the fact that, in general, Civislend charged a 1% annual commission at the company's discretion.

How does the Civislend model work? The platform unites developers or developers who are looking for funding to carry out a real estate project and investors who want to invest in real estate projects. Articulating it as a Crowdlending.

Detailed comparison between Reental vs Civislend

  • Investment Model: Reental stands out for its tokenization, allowing investments starting at just $100 as participants as the first investor in each project. On the other hand, as we have already seen, Civislend is positioned as a crowdlending company, being able to participate with a higher ticket, starting at $250.
  • Accessibility and Flexibility: Civislend has a great simple and streamlined registration and funding process, but customer support is a crucial aspect. While Civislend has outstanding customer support, Reental stands out with its network presence and an extraordinary range of tutorials, providing comprehensive support for novice investors who want to take that step towards a new world with tokenization.
  • Yields and Liquidity: In terms of double-digit returns with recurring income, which attracts young individuals looking to grow their savings. Its dual aspect of return, recurring income and final revaluation in the sale of the property, highlights its comprehensive approach. Without a doubt, the winner here is Reental, with its large secondary market, above average returns and diversification in projects, making it even more attractive.
  • Security: Undoubtedly, one of Civislend's strengths is its meticulous risk assessment process for each project, which rules out the most risky projects and classifies each opportunity into one of these 6 categories from lowest to most risk (“A+”, “A”, “B+”, “B”, “C+” and “C”), which in turn largely determine the return we can obtain in such a project. On the other hand, Reental has an outstanding committee with a specialized team with a holistic approach that seeks, buys, fixes, manages and sells properties, with more than a dozen closed projects to prove this.
  • Information and Transparency: In both cases, we have your detailed project sheet, in which we will have access to very relevant information available on this investment opportunity, detailed description, financial projections, etc.

Unique Benefits at Reental

One of the few platforms available for investing in real estate with a focus on the passive generation of dividends through rents. Attractive selection of projects, with a good mix of cities and locations in the portfolio. Flexibility in project permanence, with its innovative tokenization model, Reental, thanks to its innovative tokenization model, allows you to not be held hostage to your investments and get out whenever you want, while the terms offered by Civislend have an average stay of between 12 and 18 months.

Tokenization not for fashion but for functionality: minimum investment accessible from just 100 dollars. Ambitious perspective for the future of Reental and a great Marketplace to provide that liquidity for your investments.

Reental stands out for its innovation, diversification and customer service, with an emphasis on attractive profitability and the tokenization of real estate. Civislend, while strong in its asset selection, must compete with the accessibility and innovation offered by Reental. The choice between these two platforms will depend on individual investor preferences and their appetite for innovation in the real estate market.

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