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We continue to expand our offer in Seville. Once again, a very profitable property for rent and with great potential for revaluation for subsequent sale, we will tell you more.

What is it about?


Seville-3 is a single-family house located at Calle Esturión 34 on the right, in the neighborhood of San Jerónimo in Seville,.
It is a property with 53m2, 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and 1 bathroom. Family and working-class neighborhood, well connected, neighborhood supermarkets and greengrocers, sports areas and public transport.
At the foot of the Alamillo park, a green lung in the city of Seville and the river promenade of the Guadalquivir river.

Once again, a great opportunity, since its property price to rental price ratio offers us a return of 9.79% per year, which will rise to 13.00% per year, including the sale of the property after 2 years.

Tokenomics (profitability calculations).

The property is for sale for a price of 54,155.56€ all inclusive (taxes, reform, management and Reental commission).

We estimate a rent of 465 monthly (5,580€ per year) and annual community, tax and insurance expenses of 280€.

In this offer Reental eliminates monthly commissions of 2% for the platform as well as 5% for property management, so we achieved an annual return of 9.79% for the rent.

As you already know, after 24 months we will proceed to sell the property with an expected capital gain of 12% that, minus taxes and sales commission, would leave us a Performance of 6,498.67€ thus achieving a total return on the 26.00% in two years.

13% per year.

tabla con el beneficio del inmueble tokenizado en sevilla

Nature of the instrument to be issued

The financial instrument with which we articulated the transaction consists of the tokenization of a 24-month participatory loan, with a total return of 26.00%. 542 tokens will be issued, with a value per token of 99.92€. Each token represents the possession of a share of the loan and will earn the corresponding proportional dividends.

They will be distributed monthly dividends from the rent, and dividend after 24 months from the capital gain from the sale. In addition to the repayment of the principal of the loan after 24 months.

Dividends from rent will be calculated monthly as follows:

Monthly dividend 1 token = (Rent collected - Monthly operating expenses)/542 (number of tokens)

Being 9.79% per year in conditions of uninterrupted stay.

The 24-month sales capital gain dividend will be calculated as follows:

Investor capital gain = 60% of the amount of sales capital gain - Municipal capital gain tax

Based on this calculation, the following table shows the return generated over the 2-year period depending on your investment:

tabla con el dividendo, la plusvalía y el interés del inmueble tokenizado en sevilla en función de la inversión

How can you invest?

If you are already registered on our platform, all you have to do is select the property and click on invest. This time you can invest with BNB connecting your wallet. If you don't have BNB yet, we'll help you to buy it to invest.

If you are not yet registered, Access our website, register and complete the KYC process, which is the validation process that any investor must go through to have access to our offers.

In this video you can see how simple the process is.

inmueble tokenizado en Sevilla

You will be asked for personal data and identification documents. As soon as we receive it, we will proceed with the validation and you will be able to access our opportunities immediately.

Join the Reental community and get more benefit from your investments.

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