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Eric Sanchez

Tokenized Seville. New “All Inclusive”

We launched a new tokenized property and expanded our offer in Seville, once again for rent by room”All Inclusive” to continue to optimize profitability.

What is it about?

Sevilla-6 It is an apartment located on Calle Hermandades number 1.4 in Seville. Neighbor of Sevilla-5!!
It is a property with 56 m2, 4 bedrooms, kitchen/office and 1 bathroom. We prepared it thoroughly to allow for the use of renting rooms, with an office kitchen and bathroom as common areas.

In La Macarena, near the hospital and La Cartuja, an area with a lot of life.

Why are we exploiting this property for rooms?

The market asks us, the demand for this type of rental has grown exponentially in recent years. People who are passing through, who are very mobile due to their work need to be able to stay in places with everything prepared, furniture, bedding, supplies, internet, cleaning and at an affordable cost, far from what a hotel can offer.
In this way, the benefit is also maximized since each of the 4 rooms is rented separately.
Thanks to this management, we undoubtedly found a great opportunity again, since its ratio of property price to rental price offers us a return of 10.87% per year, which in this case we will extend for at least 4 years. Taking advantage of the high profitability derived exclusively from renting.

Tokenomics (profitability calculations).

The property is for sale for a price of 72,100 all inclusive (taxes, reform, management and Reental commission).

We estimate a rental income of 1020 monthly with an occupancy of 91% (11,420€ per year) and annual community, tax, insurance and consumption expenses of 3060€.

In this offer Reental does NOT commission 2% of the rent on a monthly basis. By property management our employees bill 10% of the rent (without consumption), so we achieved an annual return of 10.34% for the rent.

After 48 months, the sale will proceed as long as the sale price is at least 4% higher than the starting price. With them, the return of the initial capital to all investors plus the capital gain achieved.

In the table we collect the numbers.

Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 10.39.12

Nature of the instrument to be issued

The financial instrument with which we articulated the transaction consists of the tokenization of a 48-month equity loan, with a total return of 43.25%. 721 tokens will be issued, with a value per token of 100€. Each token represents the possession of a share of the loan and will earn the corresponding proportional dividends.

They will be distributed monthly dividends from the rent, and a 48-month dividend from the capital gain from the sale. In addition to the repayment of the principal of the loan after 48 months.

Dividends from rent will be calculated monthly as follows:

Monthly dividend 1 token = (Rent collected - Monthly operating expenses)/721 (number of tokens)

At 10.34% per year under conditions of stay of approximately 90% occupancy.

The 48-month sales capital gain dividend will be calculated as follows:

Investor capital gain = 60% of the amount of sales capital gain - Municipal capital gain tax

Based on this calculation, the following table shows the return generated over the 4-year period depending on your investment:

Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 10.39.40

How can you invest?

If you are already registered on our platform, all you have to do is select the property and click on invest. You'll need to have BNB in your wallet. You can use this guide to see the process.

You can also invest directly in € via bank transfer. In this article, we'll tell you how to do it.

If you are not yet registered, Access our website, register and complete the KYC process, which is the validation process that any investor must go through to have access to our offers.

In this Video you can see how simple the process is. As soon as we receive it, we will proceed with the validation and you will be able to access our opportunities immediately.

Join the Reental community and get more benefit from your investments.

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