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Reental is pleased to present one more property in Malaga, the MLG-5 Token! This is the fifth property launched by Reental in the capital of the Costa del Sol, a very profitable area that is becoming a paradise for people from all over the world who work in emerging and technological companies and who seek quality of life.

That's why at Reental, we keep looking for good opportunities here, in Malaga, and we launched MLG-5, a property located on Calle González Anaya 36, with a total of 257 square meters. The apartment consists of two studios each with its own kitchen, bedroom, loft and bathroom. Designed to provide a unique experience, this residence features contemporary architecture and an elegant design. In addition, it is fully equipped with all the services and furniture ready for rent, which provides an appropriate investment proposal generating passive interest.

The property is located in a highly sought after area, close to renowned universities, educational institutions and the sports city. It is also just 15 minutes from the center of Malaga and its beaches.

A few steps away you will find a selection of restaurants, cafés, shops and supermarkets that will provide the convenience of tenants. The combination of strategic location and nearby amenities makes this property an attractive investment and an unparalleled option. Welcome to MLG-5 and Reental!

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2024-03-01T 11:54:24,000 Z