San Miguel de Allende 2

San Miguel de Allende 2

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Discover the exclusivity of investing in CASA GRUTA through our Reental real estate investment platform. Located in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato - Mexico, this property stands out for its unique architecture based on thirteen equal sides that will not leave indifferent guests who decide to stay there and with a private underground hot spring pool.

The exclusive complex in San Miguel de Allende consists of 1074 m² of land with 155 m² of construction distributed on one level. Its interiors are designed to provide maximum comfort and elegance, with a spacious living room, a cozy dining room and a kitchen complete with exclusive designer furniture, decorated and decorated with accessories designed and designed exclusively for the environment. The underground and private cave, which can be accessed from a door located in the kitchen, makes it even more special and exclusive both for investors in this property and for guests who decide to spend a few days in it.

With a privileged location just twenty minutes from the city, this property has all the elements to attract travelers looking for privacy and exclusivity. Guests will discover an underground cave with hot springs, a secret corner where they can relax and enjoy unique moments. And when looking for an outdoor space, the roof garden and garden area will provide breathtaking views and the possibility to create unforgettable moments.

San Miguel de Allende is a world-renowned tourist destination where the demand for exclusive and charming accommodations is constantly growing. Reental brings you this investment opportunity to harness the potential of SMA-2 beauty, location and profitability with passive income.

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