Malaga 3

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2023-11-20T 13:27:29,000 Z


Reental is once again launching a property in one of the most booming Spanish cities, Malaga. And he did so after the success of Málaga 2, so he once again opted for a house next to the previous one, in an area that is highly sought after for renting rooms. Malaga 3 offers an exceptional opportunity for passive income and attractive returns.

Malaga-3 is located in Plaza Nuestra Señora del Carmen, 12. It consists of 6 rooms, a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. Each of the rooms has been carefully designed to offer comfort and functionality, providing tenants with a lodging experience similar to that of a quality hotel, including supplies, a high speed WIFI connection, electricity and water, as well as weekly cleaning of common areas.

The surroundings of this house, the surroundings of this house offer a wide variety of services and activities. Just a few steps away, you'll find a selection of restaurants, coffee shops, and supermarkets that provide a constant flow of potential tenants, representing a unique opportunity for solid returns.

By investing in this tokenized Reental property, Malaga-3, you'll enjoy passive income while the platform takes care of the daily management of the property.

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2023-11-20T 13:27:29,000 Z