Jacksonville 5

Jacksonville 5

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Reental is pleased to present JAX-5, a new opportunity to invest in a real estate jewel in Jacksonville, Florida. This cozy single-family home is strategically located at 1845 W 31 St, Jacksonville, offering not only comfort but also excellent investment potential.

JAX-5, a charming single-family home that redefines the meaning of comfort in Jacksonville, Florida. This 132-square-meter habitable residence offers a cozy space for the whole family. With five spacious bedrooms and two modern bathrooms, every corner of this home has been designed for comfort and functionality. The reinforced and electric air heating system ensures a warm environment all year round, while the carport and spacious backyard add additional amenities to this home.

Why invest in Jacksonville? Florida has just overtaken New York as the second most valuable real estate market in the United States, according to a study conducted by the North American company Zillow. Florida's housing stock is worth $3.8 trillion, compared to $3.69 trillion in New York. Demand for living in Florida has increased since the height of the coronavirus pandemic, which saw a mass exodus of New York state residents fed up with high taxes, rising crime rates, and annoying closure restrictions that kept businesses and schools closed for long periods of time.

This is why at Reental we think it's a great place to invest and earn passive income every month without having to worry about anything. Don't hesitate!

Dear Investor, we want to inform you that this issue is carried out under the laws of the state of Florida and is subject to the requirements of the SEC. Please read all documentation related to the issuance carefully, since all issues related to it will be governed by the internal laws of the state of Florida (USA); therefore, no provision or rule of choice or conflict of law relating to other countries will apply.

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