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Would you like to own a luxury property in Miami's famous District 11? Well, now it's possible!

Reental launches its 50th building bringing the exclusive Miami-2, a property that is part of a project that is an architectural jewel, a milestone in our trajectory of innovation and excellence in real estate investments: West Eleventh Residences Miami.

Miami-2 is one of the 659 luxury and avant-garde design homes located in this project, where each one of them has been designed to provide an unparalleled experience of comfort and modernity. Each apartment, with its fully integrated and equipped kitchen, is distinguished by the use of intelligent PMG technology: from centrally controlled lighting systems to the unprecedented efficiency of smart devices. Every detail is meant to maximize the hosting experience. It also has an impressive gym, a resort-style pool and an exclusive spa. The modern lobby, coworking space and signature restaurant will complete a unique residential experience. The operation of this property will be of a vacation type.

Located in the sought-after 11th District, West Eleventh not only offers breathtaking views of the city and Biscayne Bay, but it also places its residents at the epicenter of Miami's cultural and entertainment activity. Guests can access the most exclusive brands, enjoy the cuisine of world-renowned chefs and immerse themselves in Miami's rich cultural scene, all just a few steps from their residence.

At Reental, we not only see West Eleventh as a luxury property, but as a unique investment opportunity. Its avant-garde design and its privileged location make it an exceptional asset. Join us in this exciting investment and be part of the unparalleled West Eleventh Residences Miami experience! Your home in the heart of Miami's sophistication and modernity.

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