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Disclaimer: Of course, the text and all its content do not constitute investment advice. Do your own analysis, investing in cryptocurrency involves financial risks and it's important to conduct thorough research before making investment decisions.

We are not going to talk about price; but we are going to talk about usability, about supply and demand, about providing real value, about how to get that to the user without FOMO and that the price is a consequence of that value contribution.

And how to do it?

We are going to use for this purpose not only the theory but with a real use case: that of Reental and its RNT.

On October 23, 2023, we launched our utility token, the RNT, a token that provides benefits and advantages when investing in Real Estate, and that turns any holder into a stakeholder of the RNT protocol.

Conexión entre Reental empresa y el protocolo RNT a través del utility token RNT.
Connection between Reental company and RNT protocol through the RNT utility token

Before we launched, we pre-sold with our investment community. It was a success in early 2023 to raise in a private sale during -perhaps- the worst period of time to do so since 2018.

We launched the RNT in the Sushiswap DEX, only accessible from our Dapp and to our community, to protect it from speculators and that it would be in the hands of those who are really going to get real value from it because they already know Reental.

RNT purchase/sale interface from the DAPP

The RNT had initial demand multiplying its price. Something normal considering that in pre-sale you have vesting (permanence) and there are those who want the token without that “commitment”, so they buy just released.

The RNT had a week of buying and selling until it began to take hold back from greater sales pressure


Simple: even as a long-term holder with real estate investments in the platform and vesting in the RNT, it was still not very clear what to use the tokens for and it is very tempting to sell something that has multiplied the price since the private sale.

A key moment has arrived. Show holders the value it can bring in the short, medium and long term. I'll tell you about it in the following Keys:

Key #1. Inform users of the utility well, the one you already have and the one that is to come, And above all how to take advantage of it.

At the AMA in November, we focused on this. In this Link you can see it starting at min 26. This information changed the trend, and the RNT had buying pressure for a few weeks, with farming being the only use that RNT had, which was very sweet, but insufficient for our community based on investment in Real Estate. After the AMA, the price stabilized, but it reached a point again where more selling pressure began to come. There was a lack of real utility and again there was a lack of information.

yields farming
Farming yield for those who provide liquidity to the protocol

If you look at the graph of DexTools You can clearly see the dates. October 30, the AMA was held and the price stabilized upward until November 16, when the selling pressure began.

Turning point after the AMA of October 30

Key #2. We launched the functionality of Staking.

What did RNT Staking provide?

That any holder, leaving their RNT in deposit between 3 and 24 months, obtains a synthetic xRNT token that grants them rights to the fees of the RNT protocol and also grants them a Status.

Staking interface where the holder can choose how long to leave their RNT in deposit and obtain xRNT proportional to the chosen time frame, from 3 to 24 months. A great implementation designed by Miguel Caballer

What are protocol fees?

These are the commissions generated by the decentralized protocol in its different operations. RNT sales fee, rewards claim fee, liquidity fee, collateralization fee and other future fees. All of this is independent of the business model of the company Reental, which is already one more token holder of that protocol.

In other words, the fees generated by the RNT are not related to the profits generated by the company as a result of its real estate investment business.

NOTES. It is important to differentiate that the protocol is a different entity than the company. And it is governed by RNT holders through the DAO

What does Status give you by having XRnt?

The status gives you priority and exclusive investment in selected properties, priority access to features such as collateralization and liquidity in the protocol, accommodation stays, training, invitation to exclusive events and others.

status reental
Table of advantages in both the RNT protocol and the Reental platform depending on the status acquired by the xRNT holder

The launch of staking marked the change in trend; it eliminated sales pressure and increased buying pressure, because the holders who didn't farm sold, and now instead they had the possibility of holding in the long term with many benefits, both financial (when receiving the protocol fees) and real estate (being Super Reentels).

December 6, the day of the launch of Staking and the change of trend.

If you want to know more I leave you the LAMA What did we do about the launch of staking

Key #3. Ok, we have tools to attract liquidity, tools for the holder to block their RNTs and obtain advantages. But where are those advantages?

That is the key to this and any protocol.

The advantages that a holder obtains when holding a utility token have to be greater than simple speculation.

If that's the case, a user will keep their RNTs for the long term and will simply leave when they no longer invest in Real Estate or when they move on to another stage of their life. But all the value you capture during your time in Reental and in the RNT protocol comes from real value generated, Real Yield that people use features for which they pay a fee or Real Yield because they invest with us in more profitable properties.

And if you have already finished your time with us, that Status now does have value and you can sell it to a third party who wants to join and obtain these advantages. You can transfer your hard-earned status, equivalent to selling “your club card” to a new member.

It's about creating a positive-sum game in which I add value to a protocol, the project and the protocol add value to me, I use it, I enjoy it and when I want to go out, that value captured by my contribution is transferable, so I benefit again.

Un Win-win For everyone.

How has Reental done it to provide that immediate value?

With the greatest value we can give to those who invest with us. Launching a unique and mega-profitable project, accessible to those who are Super Reentels (those with the highest status, that is, 28,000 XRnt).

THERE IS NO MORE SECRET: the token will go as far as demand is generated for it and that demand is only scalable and sustainable because you get REAL BENEFITS.

We can see it again in the graph. On December 12, we announced the project and of course many Reentels who wanted to have access to this project decided to acquire RNT to become Super Reentel.

In this movement, we are currently reaching the historic high of the RNT. With holders demanding more RNT to access the benefits.

rnt dia 21
RNT chart as of December 21, 2023

Key #4. And from here on out?

Any protocol or token that wants to be maintained over time, has to Provide and generate long-term value.

The moment you stop generating value, you enter the zero-sum game.

In that case, a token has only value if someone else buys it from you and if you're not giving it anything, you're playing a game of FOMO, of speculation that doesn't lead anywhere; enriching yourself at the expense of others.

It has been done and will continue to be done. Tokens that say they are going to the moon, tokens that are going to make an x1000 for pure marketing, but you have to ask yourself...


What do these tokens provide that makes them sustainable in the long term?

If you don't have that answer, don't enter those tokens unless you like to play the lottery.

In our case, that of RNT and Reental, that is the challenge now.

A challenge for Reental and its community. Continue to provide value from the company by offering better and more profitable properties, that is the Core of the business, but also bring more and better features that nourish that created value:

New features that optimize return on investment:



Features to make the protocol stronger:



And giving that extra amount of experiential value to the holders that makes the difference:


-Stays in paradisiacal places.

-Exclusive events.

token maya
Image of the Token Maya project, on the Caribbean seafront in the jungle of the Mexican Riviera Maya. Much more than an investment. The chance to live an unforgettable experience for your investors

These are the steps to not only tokenize real estate investment products, but to Tokenizing the economy And create a Virtuous Cycle and a different and disruptive relationship between the company that started it and its community to become a single entity with aligned objectives.

This is the goal of Reental and for this reason we will continue evangelizing, breaking barriers and always looking one step further to bring maximum value.

Disclaimer: Of course, the text and all its content do not constitute investment advice. Do your own analysis, investing in cryptocurrency involves financial risks and it's important to conduct thorough research before making investment decisions.

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