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Marcos Carrera

What risks do I reduce by buying tokens from a home?

We don't mean to alarm you, but... do you know how many risks you reduce if instead of buying a home, you purchase tokens that represent it?

Here's a summary of all the headaches you get rid of:

  1. The risk of overpaying or selling for less. It is very important to predict if the home will gain value or not, and even to predict if there will be external factors that may influence. We are dedicated to doing these analyses and even buying opportunities below the market.
  2. The risk of eviction. Losing a home is no longer such an uncommon occurrence in the real estate market, especially in Spain. In fact, it is estimated that 350,000 foreclosures have been carried out in Spain since the beginning of the crisis.
  3. The risk of going overboard. Committing to taking out a mortgage loan that is beyond the client's economic capacity can be a common mistake. When signing a mortgage, we must take into account future extra expenses: such as the money spent saving or investing, the academic education of the children or the costs of maintaining and renovating the house for habitability. Therefore, as far as possible, it is recommended that the landlord keep the accounts for the income and costs of the house himself. It is irresponsible to take out a mortgage if we are not sure that we will be able to afford that expense to the end.
  4. The Risk of Buying a Faulty Home. The first owners are the most afraid of this potential problem, and the truth is that it is easy to avoid. Simply carrying out prior inspections of the home will avoid buying a property with ruinous defects, flaws or the likelihood of pests.
  5. The risk of losing bail. On many occasions, the buyer can give a signal before buying an apartment. However, the conditions for the return of the same must be portrayed in the purchase and sale contract. If the buyer finally decides to back down with this purchase, he must ensure that it is in the corresponding reflection period before signing the mortgage contract. Otherwise, this money will be lost.
  6. The risk of taking out a bad mortgage loan. The lack of knowledge and the “intricacies” of the world of finance and mortgages frightens many people, especially because of abusive clauses that we have experienced in recent years. What makes a bad loan is different depending on each person and their circumstances. To this end, it is always recommended to use the knowledge of experts in these subjects, and if possible, that they are not related to lending banks. By understanding each of the clauses of the contract, reviewing the weaknesses of the contract, and taking into account the extra expenses, the contractor will know exactly what commitment he is making.
  7. The risk of being deceived. How do I know I'm not being fooled? A buyer may think that many of those who mediate the purchase of a home can deceive him (the seller, the real estate agent, the bank, the appraiser, etc.). It is much less common to encounter deception from these professionals than to fall into the error of not reading and understanding each of the conditions of the mortgage. The professional reputation and credibility of each of these agents involved in the transaction is vital for them to develop their business and make a living from it. Equally, you should not rely 100% on the advice of a single person either. This is solved by resorting to independent inspections and consultations.

For all these reasons, buying tokens instead of housing, we think that it is safer, more profitable and that it will ultimately cause you less headaches.

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