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Eric Sanchez

Reental makes its properties available to refugees

It is undeniable that over the past few days all nations have been experiencing a situation that we thought was unthinkable today. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine shows that humanity has not yet reached a point of maturity in which this type of conflict is eliminated.

A conflict like the one we are currently experiencing is very cruel because it involves the civilian population who have no intention of taking up arms, since they are people as normal as us. Because of this, many families have been forced to flee the country in which they had their home and all their lives, in order to keep the latter. Millions of Ukrainians are trying to leave their country and find a country where they can feel safe, a somewhat difficult task on many occasions.

To do our bit, and to make it as easy as possible for Ukrainian families to welcome Ukrainian families from Spain, we announce that Reental will make available properties in Sagunto, Valencia, Castellón, Gandía and Seville in the coming weeks to accommodate refugees looking for a new home.

All investors will continue to receive the corresponding dividends on a monthly basis, since it is Reental who makes the decision as a company, so we will bear the expenses. However, if any investor wants to do their bit and does not want to receive dividends to show solidarity with the cause they write to to let us know your decision and we will do so.

Even if these actions do not solve the current conflict, they do manage to help the affected population as much as possible, which is why at Reental we have made this decision that we hope you will understand and support.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through our emails or through our Telegram, we are waiting for your questions.

In order not to miss any of the opportunities we present, we recommend that you join our group of Telegram to meet the other Reentels and the whole team. Of course we invite you to take a look at our articles on the blog to continue informing you.

Welcome to the new way of doing finance, welcome to Reental.

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