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Closing of Operation

On the ongoing journey to success, Reental is proud to announce the successful closing of our eleventh building, Burriana 1, represented by the BUR-1 token. This milestone, achieved on December 22, marks another step forward in our commitment to exceeding expectations on every project. Join us as we explore the closing of the deal and outstanding financial data for Burriana 1, exceeding established projections.

In the continuation of our successful series, Reental enthusiastically announces the triumphant closing of Burriana 1. This is not just a milestone, but a testament to our focus on providing investors with the opportunity to recover their initial investment and the capital gain generated during the investment. At Reental, we commission 40% of that capital gain, ensuring an equitable distribution of benefits.

Financial Data

Burriana 1's financial performance is exceptional and exceeds expectations. A total return of 26.01% was estimated, but we have achieved a remarkable 27.05%. This result means that our investors not only recover their initial investment, but they also earn an additional return of more than 1 percentage point to our initial projections.

An Opportunity to Reinvest

If you are looking for real estate investment opportunities that offer exceptional returns and the possibility of reinvesting your profits to maximize your capital, Reental is the smart choice. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to become a virtual owner of a property with just two clicks. Enjoy the benefits of real estate investment and maximize your returns by reinvesting.

We celebrate this eleventh achievement and anticipate more exciting milestones in the future. The door is open for you to join us on this unparalleled real estate investment journey. Do you want to be part of our success story? Join Reental today and start building a strong and exciting financial future!

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