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In our continuous exploration of the RNT universe, we dive into one of its most powerful and transformative facets: Staking. This mechanism not only represents a sign of trust in the protocol, but it also opens the door to a range of exclusive benefits, elevating your status to Reentel Pro and Super Reentel.

What is Staking and How Does It Work

Staking involves the retention of your RNTs for a defined period, symbolizing your commitment and support for the protocol. In exchange, we reward you with more RNT tokens. Participating in staking is not only a strategic bet, but a gateway to a world of privileges designed to enrich your investment experience. In the following article we explain it to you in depth”Staking”.

How Staking Helps You Become a SuperReentel

By staking, we get the privilege and right to receive an additional profit depending on how long we keep our tokens locked.

RNT staking is not only a way to actively participate in the Reental ecosystem, but it also offers benefits for the user. For example, with the monthly distribution of the Fees generated in the protocol, thanking you for your trust in the RNT.

As we said, by staking your RNTs, we get xRNT. The number of xRNTs will depend on how long you leave your RNTs staked. The longer, the more XRnt you'll generate.

The xRnt number is what will determine your status in Reental. But first, let's figure out how to do staking.

💰 How to Stake: A Simple Process

Staking your RNT is an accessible process that you can follow step by step. Here's a quick guide:

  1. Access the Reental dApp and Connect your Wallet:Log in to the dApp and connect your digital wallet, essential for interacting with the platform and carrying out transactions.
  2. Go to the Staking Section:Navigate to the staking section available in the dApp menu.
  3. Put RNT on Staking:The longer you commit your RNT to staking, the more XRNT you generate for the same amount of RNT. We recommend opting for the maximum term (2 years) to maximize your profits.

For a detailed visual guide, we invite you to watch our instructional video:

If you don't already have RNT for staking, you can easily buy them here

This opportunity is invaluable for those looking to maximize their investments in a dynamic and constantly evolving market. Currently, in January, our APR (Annual Percentage Rate or equivalent annual rate) was an attractive 22%.

By staking RNT, users are placing their trust in the future of the project and, simultaneously, contributing to the stability and robustness of the Reental ecosystem. This act increases market liquidity, reduces volatility and ensures a more predictable and secure environment for all participants.

🥇 Get SuperReentel Status with Staking

To achieve Super Reentel status, you are required to have at least 28,000 xRNT, and for Reentel Pro status, a minimum of 8,000 RNT. The first step is to make sure we have the RNTs in our wallet, then go to the staking tab at the following link

Once there, 28,000 RNT must be staked for 2 years to obtain the necessary 28,000 xRNT and automatically acquire the desired status. In this way, you begin to enjoy the benefits associated with this status in a simple and agile way.

In addition, we leave you our guide and video tutorial so that you can now take that final step that you need

SuperReentel and Reentel Pro Benefits

RNT staking on Reental offers a number of significant benefits. By staking RNT, you will access different hierarchies of the platform, accessing tiers with exclusive benefits, such as increased returns on real estate projects and priority access to new services such as the prompt collateralization of your real estate tokens. In addition, the xRnt tokens obtained through staking will allow you to participate and vote in the Reental DAO, influencing key project decisions.

Staking your RNTs on Reental is not only a way to generate passive income, but it also provides an opportunity to become more deeply involved in the Reental ecosystem. Here's a summary of the following infographic 👇🏻

SuperReentel Benefits

In short, RNT staking on Reental is not just a way to generate passive income; it's an opportunity to become more deeply involved in the Reental ecosystem, gain influence within the platform and contribute to the growth and stability of the project. With a well-thought-out structure and multiple incentives, Reental offers a unique value proposition for those interested in investing and actively participating in its innovative ecosystem

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