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Eric Sanchez

Morfeo and Reental for the best rest

We have recently reached an agreement with Morfeo Mattresses, a leading national company in the rest area, to work together and make Matchón Morfeo an official supplier of mattresses, bases and accessories for rest in our buildings.

There are several highlights of this agreement:
-First of all, the agreement assumes that Reental ensures that it provides a quality product and guarantee to a very competitive price.

-Secondly, we provide a better service to the tenant, who will surely appreciate having a good bed to rest in their home, affecting their satisfaction, assuming a great value when it comes to renting the property.

-Thirdly, Morpheus, in exchange for his products, will receive tokens from Reental properties. For what it involves an enhancement of tokens that serve as a means of payment to acquire any other good. This shows the liquidity offered by investing in this way in real estate.

“Once again, Reental tokens will be used as a means of payment, which shows a new way to make your investment liquid”
Logo de morfeo

Morfeo Descanso, S.L. is a leading company in Spain, they firmly believe in study and science for relaxation and have made every effort to create the best possible mattress. Each mattress is carefully designed to improve sleep.
The fact is that a good rest is essential to be happier, more social, healthier, in short, to live better.

In addition, Morfeo ensures the best service with a full guarantee on its product, very focused on customer satisfaction and improving society. For this reason, they recycle all mattresses and make donations for those most in need.
It's your grain of sand to have an impact on society.

donamos, reciclamos, ayudamos a la sociedad

We are very proud to join our path with a company of the stature of Morfeo and this is sure to be the beginning of a long journey together.

We continue!!

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