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Marcos Carrera

Besten10 and Reental join their paths so that we all dress in style

Today I am pleased to announce that Reental and Besten10 are joining their paths and we are starting a collaboration that will surely be very beneficial for both parties. To put it in context, Besten10 is a custom clothing textile manufacturing company that was founded in 2017 and is breaking it. It is also a company from my land, Huelva, and I am proud that other entrepreneurs are taking risks and succeeding.

Well, it all started because as a company we wanted to make t-shirts for our team and people close to our branding. Looking for options, we found Besten10 and we saw that they were manufacturers, that they customized it to the last detail and that the products were of quality. And there came up the option of each one of us contributing their knowledge and helping each other.
And what does the agreement consist of?

There are several highlights of this agreement:
-First of all, the agreement means that Reental has access to personalized, quality sportswear (t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts...) with an after-sales service of 10 and no longer just for the team, but we make it available to our Reentels!

-Secondly, Besten10 receives our real estate tokens as a means of payment, so we continue to add products that can be paid for with them, thus achieving ever greater liquidity, not only as you already know with our liquidity pools but also with agreements like this one.

-In addition, Besten10 is open to the crypto world and will accept not only Reental tokens but also other crypto as a means of payment. So if you want to dress up a group of friends, your company, your team or whatever you want, you already have this option. I assure you that they work for 10 and you can make your clothes 100% personalized.

“Once again, Reental tokens will be used as a means of payment, which shows a new way to make your investment liquid”
Logo Azul Fabricantes ropa deportiva

Besten10 is becoming a reference company, founded in 2017 with the mission of providing all the facilities in the manufacturing process of sportswear. They combine the entire garment production process from the first link in the chain to the last, with a unique after-sales service. A 100% Spanish product.

We are very proud to join our path with a company like Besten10 and this is sure to be the beginning of a long journey together.

We continue!!

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