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Why does my wallet appear as 'locked'?

Sometimes when we access our Reental account, we may encounter an image like this:

What can I do in this case?

Well, the first thing is to make sure you've logged in with the email you usually use, as a wallet gets locked when it's associated with another user. You can check this in the 'SETTINGS' --> 'Profile' section.

Let me provide an example:

My usual email is ',' and I whitelist/verify 'Wallet 1' to buy properties in Spain, meaning I only request the GLOBAL one, so 'Wallet 1' is associated with '' After a while, I log in with another email, ',' and notice that my wallet isn't verified. When I try to add it, it only allows me to add the one from the USA.

Why is that? It's because I had previously added the GLOBAL one to another user, and that's why it appears as LOCKED.

If you're unsure about which email that wallet is associated with, you can simply send your wallet to, and I'll check to clarify any doubts."


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