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What is Reental?

This article will help you start your journey into a new world – the world of tokenization and decentralized finance. I encourage you to follow the steps, explore new ways to manage your money, and gain benefits that were previously only accessible to a few. Welcome to your journey with Reental!

First, I want to show you a short video where we explain "how Reental works" very well.


What we want to explain in this article:

1. Reental's Objectives:

Reental's goal is to provide anyone with the opportunity to invest in the real estate sector, create their own investment portfolio, and take the first steps towards creating their own financial products. This means putting your money to work in a simple, fast, and secure way, rather than keeping it in banks that offer minimal returns. Reental aims to open the doors to a new world of self-managed investments where you can make decisions about where to invest your money.

2. Resources for the Journey:

  - Create a wallet to operate: You can follow the steps explained in this article.

  - Optionally, you'll need an account on an exchange to purchase cryptocurrencies. We recommend using Binance for its ease of buying MATIC. You can find all the steps to purchase cryptocurrencies in this article.

  - Keep an open mind: Some concepts may be unfamiliar at first, but they are easy to grasp. Once you understand them, you'll be able to manage your investment portfolio effectively.

3. Basic Concepts:

  - Start by reading these articles to understand what Reental is and how it operates:

    - [What is Reental and Why Are We Tokenizing Real Estate?](<link to the article>)

    - [How Does Reental's Real Estate Tokenization Process Work?](<link to the article>)

    - You can also explore our YouTube channel for more information.

4. How to Invest and Manage Your Portfolio:

Reental periodically launches real estate offerings, each with its unique characteristics. By registering on our platform and acquiring your first token, you'll agree to an investment contract that allows you not only to purchase tokens during the launch but also acquire new tokens in the secondary market. You can buy or sell tokens in the secondary market at any time, giving you full control over your investments.

5. What to Expect in the Coming Months:

Reental is more than just investing in real estate; it's the first step on an exciting journey towards a better financial system, where you can manage your investments and create your own financial products. Reental is working on expanding its offerings to provide you with more opportunities, such as:

  - Using your tokens as collateral for loans to maximize your profits.

  - Generating extra income by creating or adding your tokens to liquidity pools.

  - Earning interest by simply depositing your tokens.

  - Gradually purchasing the property, living in it while owning tokens, and using the monthly dividends to acquire more tokens.

The future holds many possibilities, and we look forward to accompanying you on this journey to financial independence. Welcome to the Reental community!

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