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What can I do in the liquidity pool?

We have talked in other articles that any token holder of a property can make their investment liquid at any time, and anywhere, without the need for a buyer. They don't have to wait for the contract to expire. They just need an internet connection, and in seconds, they can get the equivalent in dollars of the tokens they sell at market price.

Here is a guide on how to perform each of these operations step by step. Buying or selling tokens in the liquidity pool.

How does the liquidity pool work?

As you know, the liquidity pool allows us to create a market where any person registered and validated in Reental, from anywhere, can buy or sell property tokens.

We have created the pool with the pair of each property token and USDT (stablecoin).

compra y vende tokens inmuebles en el pool de liquidez de Binance Smart Chain

"The steps are very simple:

Go to the PancakeSwap website.

Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap. Remember that you need to be connected to the BSC network. In this article, we remind you how to connect your MetaMask to the Binance Smart Chain network.

Click on TRADE and then EXCHANGE.

Choose the token you want to buy from the list that appears.

Add the corresponding token by entering the address:

For example:

RNT-SVQ-1 - 0xE8402fD9F723C3c5A8Ab765D171c04aD783DF204

RNT-GND-1 - 0xD7E5e422898aa9f0f5998183e2741562fF18D64C

RNT-GND-2 - 0x5A5E0AA4797eb6591e5d9E0D188f39eb9be5aCF2

RNT-GND-3 - 0x809a960140F3b2E33840dBf8De14fFe80f34314E

RNT-GND-4 - 0xF15188199909028A6c411618E1F985396f7BDF40

RNT-SVQ-2 - 0xcF2d889Fa30262Ed4122D36A78Afd7aEcD5bFE4C

RNT-SVQ-3 - 0x9742088a49b0967BDfd67cB63c16Cca4199f2EF4

RNT-BUR-1 - 0x6CdB092Cc41A83Cefd0C6372ED81A524121a3B0e

RNT-SGT-1 - 0x5974822F95A52CfD78ba060f72cbd650d2EA1602

RNT-VLC-1 - 0xCA97D599F6dBA4c06a61106812BE9fe481e258D5

RNT-VLC-2 - 0x9be780ccced33ee758dc403e27bfebd32fb8dbc1

RNT-VLC-3 - 0xD1BAe0f3E23C73a45098b947c239DD4f974331A

RNT-SGT-2 - 0xD00d55761b290dE9735FfeBE40D987a3cDCb8B7E

RNT-SVQ-4 - 0x336Ce2884e6c06D872dA9234ACa044b275887Fef

RNT-CDP-1 - 0xAcFa66FA149f08F68C5E69594AF44a0e792dF45c

RNT-SVQ-5 - 0xE092B42549c56A7a18859852bbf36D8357f7A1c5

RNT-SVQ-6 - 0x42CB26E9005d2e6e0b1d9B5f3B91E3D744fB76f9

RNT-MARINA - 0xb1ac0CE14021a182d6082D3CF408456e68633E66

RNT-SGT-3 - 0x1Aae78cFdF008435FDa1976341241492d5A11BA4

MLG-1 - 0xfDC0d8a59a6077cBF0900A82ceCac7BB8a30093F

Click the SWAP button, and you're all set!

Here's a video demonstrating the process.

Adding liquidity to the pool:

The first two steps are the same as buying or selling tokens.

Click on TRADE and then LIQUIDITY.

Press the ADD LIQUIDITY button."

boton de añadir liquidez

4. Add the token by entering the corresponding address and select the USDT token. Provide the amount of tokens you want.

5. Click the SUPPLY button, and you're done!

boton de suministrar

From that moment, you become a liquidity provider. You will receive a token representing your share in the pool and earn commissions for each swap that occurs. You can watch the process in this video.

Want to access the pool but haven't validated your account yet?

- Register on and complete the KYC.

- Apply for Whitelisting on the platform itself.

- After a few hours of review of the above points, you will be notified and can start interacting with these tokens (and all others we release).

We continue! 🚀

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