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How to Create a Wallet with Metamask

In the traditional economy, you can store your money under your mattress or in a bank, where you typically open an account to store, send, or receive money. In the crypto world, what you're storing isn't euros or dollars but tokens like Bitcoin, Ether, or tokens representing various assets, and these are stored in a wallet.

Just like in a bank account, you can't store euros and dollars in the same account; in a wallet, you can't store tokens from different blockchains together. There are wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC (Binance Smart Chain), and many other networks. While there are wallets that allow managing tokens from different blockchains, they do this by using a "wallet of wallets" concept. This means that even if you use a single wallet, you have different "folders" within it to store wallets for different blockchains.

However, in your case, you're working with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Reental's tokens, like many others on BSC, are based on the BEP-20 standard. Therefore, you will create a wallet on this network, and from here, you can invest, securely store your tokens, and receive dividends from the projects you participate in.

There are numerous wallet options, but we recommend using Metamask. It has a user-friendly interface, is widely used, and is free. Here's how to install Metamask in your browser:

1. Visit the official Metamask website.

2. Install the Metamask browser extension for your preferred browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Brave).

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your wallet.

Metamask will guide you through the installation process, making it easy for you to get started. With your new wallet, you can invest, securely store your tokens, and receive dividends. Welcome to the future and the Reental community!


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