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Guide to disinvest in Reental?

Here's a simple infographic to help you understand how to make your investment with us effective, or alternatively, how to disinvest your tokens whenever you want.

If you choose to unwind your position before the project closes, at Reental, we have a business model that sets us apart from our competitors. There are no penalties for withdrawing your investment early.

You can unwind your position or sell your tokens whenever you want. We used to have many small liquidity pools, which were practical but not profitable.

What have we done? We've eliminated them to create a common pool where you can buy and sell tokens without having a significant impact on the price. In other words, you can do it for the same value you bought or others bought it for. Now, the system we have for buying and selling tokens in the secondary market is as follows:

P2P (1)

For the following two scenarios, we provide some reference links that will be useful for you to understand how they work when the time comes:

  • When a project cycle ends
  • Monthly returns

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